About Our Company

Since 1988, EnCap Investments has been a leading provider of venture capital to the independent sector of the U.S. energy industry. The firm has raised 25 institutional funds totaling more than $40 billion and currently manages capital on behalf of more than 350 U.S. and international investors.

EnCap has generated strong returns across multiple energy industry cycles by applying a lower-risk, disciplined philosophy that balances capital preservation and value creation. Throughout our history, EnCap has moved with the market to meet changing capital needs. The combination of abundant capital resources, unparalleled experience and broad flexibility in structuring transactions uniquely positions EnCap to assist significantly in the value-creation process.

The firm has established a reputation as an innovative, value-added source of growth capital to the independent energy sector. EnCap professionals represent more than 500 years of experience in energy finance, operations and investment. EnCap principals, partners and staff work in close partnership with management teams by providing technical and capital markets expertise, strategic direction and enhanced acquisition and exit options.